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9/1/21, 11:10am PST:

--clinical depression--

1. teenager - deftones

2. i'm so tired - fugazi

3. good news - julien baker

4. the biggest lie - elliott smith

5. accident prone - jawbreaker

6. last words of a shooting star - mitski

7/14/21, 10:27pm PST:

i used to make silly little blogs on myspace.windows93.net. that site is, of course, no longer active.

these blogs would include six song playlists. typically with some kind of theme.

this is the first of those playlists:

--music one--

1. goodbye goodnight - dj $uicydi$

2. art star - yeah yeah yeahs

3. my baby (axe nice) - mannequin pussy

4. padraic my prince - bright eyes

5. dream no 9 - big joanie

6. good morning, captain - slint

7/14/21, 5:30 pm PST:

this is my first blog post.